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 Advanced NetHunt features
Advanced NetHunt features

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Maryna PlashenkoNetHunt Team
NetHunt CRM Community Manager

[How to Forecast Sales in NetHunt CRM]

While some sales managers still neglect sales forecasting, it’s a source of valuable insights and a compass of your future decisions. Let’s take a look at some sales prediction methods:

  1. Estimate the probability level of closing a deal seeing your... (More)

🔥 How to use a formula field in NetHunt: automate commission and discount calculation🔥

On a daily and weekly basis every entrepreneur needs to carry out all kinds of calculations. Whether you’re paying commission to your sales reps, or calculating an amount of a customer’s transaction considering a discount. Every time you need to... (More)

🔥How to use NetHunt to maintain healthy team competition🔥

With NetHunt you can set the goals for your sales team creating the Pipeline report or Activity reports. Our Italian client IMTC telecommunication company has already reached impressive heights. Using reports, the founder & CEO Roberto keeps on top of... (More)

🔥How to connect a Google form to NetHunt 🔥

We like making things simple. We like automating processes and saving time on repetitive tasks. For instance, say you’ve created customized Google forms for prospects who visit your website to submit their contact information. Next, you want this data to... (More)