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 Feature Feedback
Feature Feedback

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Hi @Ostii Ananda24

Thank you for your question and for your suggestion. 

At the moment "Add preset" button can indeed be enabled with a mouse click only, so there are no shortcuts. We'll take your request into account and add the option to do this by pressing Enter if this will be possible. 

Kind regards,


Copy or Clone Presets on a list

It would be great to be able to copy or clone Presets (or to have Preset Templates).

We use the same set of Presets many times throughout the year and have to re-enter them each time.


Edit Presets from Column Actions Menu

It would be useful to be able to edit the name of this preset from the Column Actions menu (see screenshot).

It seems convoluted in 2022 to have to go to the Settings icon at top right and navigate to the same info in the Settings area.