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 Feature Feedback
Feature Feedback

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Hello @Ray ray2 1) this depend on the software you are using, you need to select the delimiter, here's an example from libre office 2) you can update existing records with information from a CSV file, please have a look at the guidelines here3.

Hello, I have 2 questions: 1) I need to upload data, that contains commas, but it is impossible, because delimiter must be comma. How to overcome that? And 2) I have uploaded csv with companies (id, name, address etc.), then I uploaded another csv with data with only two columns: same companies ids and email address. This data needs to be appended, but it not possible, because what ever I choose I get or duplicates or all first upload data is removed. I need to append extra column for the same companies. Thank you.

Hi NetHunters

Thanks for the chance to put together some ideas on features I would like to see in NetHunt.

Most important first.

Web page cookies - Chat bot


  • The ability to save templates in a structured way, so all Deal Templates are together, all prospect email templates are together, etc. (I understand this will happen shortly, thank you.)
  • Template designer in NetHunt’ (Like Stripo) Plus conditional text/imgaes, so if a contact likes the colour red, the images display red products.

Record Views

  • Ability to save a default view.
  • Able to vary the width of column displays
  • Add a... (More)

Hello there, there's a way to solve this easily with few clicks. Many software, not to say all, have the option of finding and replace. Basically to need to find those characters and replace them for nothing, like find "<" and replace "". In Google spreadhseets you can find it here: 

Right now when I export/import spreadsheets I have to manually format the emails, URL's, Phone numbers, etc into standard form or it causes tons of data issues. For example, NetHunt uses <> for emails, & adds an extra "/" at the end of Linkedin Url's. Is there anyway to change or remove the formatting?
Anastasia TatsenkoNetHunt Team
Head of Customer Success @ NetHunt

Hi there!

We do not have it in the plans, but if we get more requests like that, we might put it into the roadmap.