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Getting Started in NetHunt
Getting Started in NetHunt

Are you just getting started using NetHunt?

  1. Ask beginner questions about NetHunt CRM.
  2. Are you an expert and you would like to help others? Then this is the place to be. Share your expertise and get involved in the discussions.
  3. Join the Community topics and groups of your interest to get involved in the discussions.

Welcome to the NetHunt CRM User Community!

Here are a couple of points to get you started:

👉 Get connected in the community.😉

✅Join the Welcome Party group and introduce yourself.
✅Follow the community topics of your interest.

👉 Get advised by experts.😉

✅Post a question to... (More)

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Watch NetHunt CRM quick tour guide and learn how to get started with this simple, yet powerful Gmail CRM in 5 simple steps.

Useful links:

[How to manage Google Contacts in NetHunt CRM]

If you're using Gmail as your primary email client, Google Contacts is probably your go-to choice for storing contacts. Bombshell: Google Contacts is far from the perfect contact management tool.

Being integrated with Google Contacts and G Suite apps, NetHunt... (More)

[How to import your data into NetHunt CRM]

You might often need to update your information in CRM from an outside source. Perhaps you’ve received customer information to your website and have stuck it into a spreadsheet or another software. In NetHunt, you can migrate your data in... (More)