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Grow your sales

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Maryna PlashenkoNetHunt Team
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[How to Forecast Sales in NetHunt CRM]

While some sales managers still neglect sales forecasting, it’s a source of valuable insights and a compass of your future decisions. Let’s take a look at some sales prediction methods:

  1. Estimate the probability level of closing a deal seeing your... (More)

[How to manage sales pipeline in NetHunt CRM]

There is no such thing as the perfect sales pipeline, yet you can build the one that fits your business perfectly well. A sales pipeline is the one thing, without which successful sales managers wouldn’t be successful. A sales pipeline... (More)

[How to manage a sales pipeline view]

Use case.
You are using NetHunt CRM for sales pipeline management.
When a potential client makes a new enquiry, you add them to the deals pipeline. As they move through the pipeline, you add more new information in the fields.... (More)

[How to End a Professional Email [+ 44 Examples]

Have you ever thought about adding a bit of value to your email endings? Or do you just drop an unimaginative “Warmest Regards,” “Thanks,” or most commonly “Best,” without giving it a second thought? Is “best” really... best? 🤓

Every... (More)