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Sales Hub

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How to create multiple sales pipelines in NetHunt CRM

Multiple pipelines get your sales teams even more organised, even more effective, and even more profitable. In NetHunt you can create as many pipelines as needed and here's how:

What is Google Workspace

Dear community, here is a new video on Google Workspace for you. By the end of the video, you will know what Google Workspace is and what's new.
Sales Hub
Voted for Personalization

Your poll is not clear.

Is it a campaign email?

Is it in response to an action by the contact?

Personalisation wins for an individual email where the recipient is expecting an email of some sort. For instance after a sign up.

For campaign emails where it is obvious that is newsletter sent to thousands of people personalisation can help but nobody receiving it believes it has bee written specially for them. In this case the Subject is mort important. To get that email opened is the key and then its the Call to Action.