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What’s New

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Maryna PlashenkoNetHunt Team
NetHunt CRM Community Manager

More advanced duplicate prevention

What's New in NetHunt in January [Part 3]

New duplicate detection works based on a combination of rules that you set for each folder: Contacts, Deals, Companies, etc. This way, you can make sure that the new data flowing into NetHunt from Google Contacts, LinkedIn or created manually is unique and has no duplicates.
Here are some of the combinations that you can use:

  • First name + Last name
  • Email + Company
  • Email + First name + Last name
  • Company + Country + Website

Important: Duplicate detection rules is a replacement and a better version of ‘Unique field’ functionality. We... (More)

Google Contacts Sync: new and improved

What's New in NetHunt in January [Part 2] 

  • Sync to NetHunt more customer details stored in your Google Contacts:
    address, website, birthday, Google Contacts labels, and Source is automatically marked as "Google Contacts".
  • Sync your contacts that are stored under multiple Google Contacts Labels.
  • Duplicates prevention is now governed by the new duplicate detection rules.
    NetHunt detects duplicate contacts not only by email, but also by phone, name, company and combination of these fields.

[Google Contacts Sync tutorial]

NetHunt integrates with Facebook Messenger

What's New in NetHunt in January [Part 1]:

  • Link Facebook conversations to your client profiles in NetHunt.
    Automatically log Messenger chats to customer profiles as they message you on Facebook page — to keep conversation history in your CRM.
  • Create new leads from Facebook chats in NetHunt CRM.
    Create new leads with one click right from your Facebook chats in NetHunt CRM.
  • See new chats in NetHunt the moment they pop up on Facebook.
    Instantly synchronize chats and conversations with NetHunt CRM to get the most up-to-date picture on your leads and deals.

PS: If you're also using Intercom for... (More)

NetHunt CRM product news [Christmas Edition]

We’re working hard to bring complete CRM automation and drip campaigns to you in February 2021, but in the meantime, we’ve made a few tweaks and fixes to our system that you’ve been asking for. :) 

- New list/card views for better record management

- Prevent duplicates by phone number

More updates:

  • New in email campaigns;
  • New data import features;
  • New mass update features;
  • The new beautiful Gmail navigation is supported.
  • Tasks are now aggregated and available from the record these tasks are linked to.

Browse through all the improvements: