I have just completed my first year using nethunt so thought id offer a little feedback.

I run a small trade/service business and use nethunt to maintain and update my customer records while out on the rd and book all my jobs/appointments.

Looking back i have had very few issues. Importing all my data and setting everything up was easy. Struggling to think of many negatives really.

I love the way nethunt is flexible enough to set up all my folders and fields just the way i like them.

I have found solutions to just about all my daily workflow requirements. Just about the only thing i dont use nethunt for now is invoicing. Im looking forward to the addition of a feature to save emails as pdf files as this might allow for invoicing also.

When in the office i utilise the option to edit records directly from google calendar events every day. This is such a time saver for me. It would be amazing if i could do this on my tablet via the web app. Also Looking forward also to having a full featured android app i can use to add calendar events.

Thanks for the great customer support when i have needed it.