Well-run organizations have one thing in common: they constantly measure and enhance ongoing performance of every employee. For you, as a manager, tracking sales team performance, evaluating team’s KPIs, is a key to streamlining sales processes and achieving goals. 

With NetHunt Reporting you can easily measure the overall team success. Here are two ways of how you can do it in no time:

  • Using Team performance reporting
  • Building a Sales pipeline report

In the Team Performance reporting you can track per user: Emails sent, Emails received, Email campaigns, Calendar events, Comments, Call logs, Files.

1.Go to the Reports section on the left sidebar and click “+” next to “User activity” to add your report.

2. Select the folder you need the stats from.


3.Choose the time period you want to compare activity with.

4. The first number means how effective your employee’s activity was during the first period and the second number - during the compared to period, along with the percentage of success. 

You can also check out the Average performance of your team and see the total amount of activities.

Another way to see the full picture of how your team is performing is to build a sales pipeline report.

1. Go to the Reports section and click on the "+" sign next to the PIPELINE section:

2. Fill in the data, choose the folders you want to see the reports from, stage field, won/ lost deals’ field, deals’ value field and select the Manager responsible for that deal.

3. All the performance measures are displayed.

4. You can set the periods you want to compare the sales performance by.

5. You may also customize your reports by adjusting: users to show, sort by (users, deals won/lost).

Only a few clicks and all the metrics are in your hands. That’s absolutely all you need to stay on top of your team achievements and losts. Being armed with this data, further you’ll base to enhance team performance. 💪