On a daily and weekly basis every entrepreneur needs to carry out all kinds of calculations. Whether you’re paying commission to your sales reps, or calculating an amount of a customer’s transaction considering a discount. Every time you need to spend your priceless time on repetitive tasks… but not anymore! NetHunt knows how to automate these processes, focusing your attention on the most important. 

Set up an automation in just a few steps. 

Case #1. You’re a salesperson, you have a deal and all the related information. You want NetHunt CRM to automatically calculate your commission for a closed deal.

Fill in the fields with all the details and get your commission automatically calculated:

1. go to your "Settings", click "Folder and field management" tab and switch to Fields section.

2. add fields: Total Price with "Number" type and Commission with "Percentage" type (you can customize both ones) 

3. add field Formula with "Numeric" type and insert the following: 

= field("Total Price $") * field("Commission %")

"Commission $" field will automatically calculate your commission. Easy!

Case#2. Let’s say you sell books and offer 20% discount on a bill if your lead buys 10 or more, so you want NetHunt to automatically calculate the total bill amount with 20% discount. 

Iterate first step of the previous case - go to your "Settings" and find corresponding folder to add following fields: 

1.In the Fields section add Quantity with "Number" type and Price per unit with "Currency" field type. 

2. Add 2 Formula fields with "Numeric" type and insert:

=field("Price per unit") * field("Quantity") 


=(field("Price per unit") * field("Quantity")) * 0.8 

Visit our article to get more detailed information about the automated calculation in NetHunt CRM.