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Asked a question last year

Beginner question. Struggling with some basic stuff. I am organizing things based upon Companies. So I created some companies just to try a few things. Here are some issues that I faced and I'd like your input. When I fill in Contact Information for the contact for the company, if I put Fred in the First Name box, and Thompson in the Last Name box. It creates a Contact with Fred as the the First Name with nothing else filled in. It creates a second Contact with Thompson as the First Name and nothing else. Thoughts??? I literally have to type Fred Thompson in the First Name box and it creates a contact with Fred (First Name) and Thompson (Last Name). This still has no connection under contacts to the company. This doesn't seem correct but I am not sure what I am doing incorrectly.

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Hi @Ed Toplikar147 ! Not sure I got your question correctly, please contact our team if the following is not answering your question.

Please check out the article on how to create new records from related ones here 147if you are trying to create a new contact record. If you are creating a new Contact record separately, not from the Company record, you sure need to tell the system which Company record it is related to in the linking field. So if you are talking about linking the records, please find the info here152.

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