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Ely Raeds
Sales Manager
Asked a question 8 months ago

How can I calculate the accumulated revenue from a company? For example: I have a company record with 257 related deals. Each of these deals have a certain revenue amount. When opening the main company profile I would like to see it's full revenue since creating the client and YTD. Is this possible? Thanks.

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Hi @Ely Raeds84 !

You can do that. From the Company record you need to open all of your related Deals as a list by clicking on the "Show as a list" icon next to the related Deals field. From there - click on the Summarise icon at the top right corner and pick the fields to summarise/calculate average/min/max sums. And there you go :)

You can also see the sum for all the Companies in your Workspace by clicking on the Summarise icon at the top right corner of your pipeline. You create a card view by Company and then same Summarise icon to show you all the sums. This one can be saved as a view and you will always be able to click on it and see the current info on the Deal amounts with all your Companies.