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Russell BaughCommunity Rising Star
President / Owner, AutoBuyAssist
Asked a question 9 months ago

How can I extract a first name from a name field (for a contact)? Also, can I combine 2 (or more) fields coming in from my form (using Zapier) into a single field in NetHunt? Can I combine a First Name and Last Name (from form via Zapier) into Name field in NetHunt? ...and then can I extract the first name from the Name field in Zapier so that I can send an email message to "Russ" instead of to "Russ Baugh". THEN can I also use the same process to extract City State and Zip Code from the Address field and then can "sort" my leads/clients into geographical areas for continued prospecting and when performing "sales fulfillment". ...right?

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Hi @Russell Baugh !

The First and Last name fields in your Contacts folder are already separate, so I'm not really sure what you mean by "extract" and please specify how are you going to use the first name, for which purpose and where to are we extracting it? For combining the values from fields you can use Numeric or Text formulas. I have already offered you to jump on a quick call in one of the answers to check out your workspace, discuss the use cases and help in the best way. Will be glad to catch up these days!

Hi Russell,

1 Extracting the first name using Zapier. Use the formatter to spilt the first word out. Zapier has good examples to show you how.

2 combining is easy - just place to answer from your form in the CRM field.

You should end up with three fields

First Name

Last Name

Full Name.

Using NetHunt Macros you can create an email template wit the first name in it.


Yes similar technique for Address fields.


What App do yo use for your forms?