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I am importing data from csv. I have imported companies and contacts, and was able to connect contacts to their companies while importing (using the folder Companies). Now I am importing the deals. I can connect them to company. But how to connect the deal also to a contact person? I have seperate fist name and last name, they are not unique by themselves, so I can't use them. Connecting by mail also doesn't work. For the email column in the original data, I created a new Nethunt field and selected 'Link to folder' and then contacts. But then I can not match them with existing contacts in the next step if the importing address, since I can't select email as the field to match with. I have been working on this for hours and hours, really frustrating. About the leave Nethunt for what it is and join a competitor. How you can help me and I can keep on using Nethunt.

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Anastasia TatsenkoNetHunt Team
Head of Customer Success @ NetHunt

Hi @Jean-Paul Urlings77,


As per the mapping, deals csv file needs to contain 1 field Full name.

Then this field will be a link to the Contacts folder:

Here is a little video for you to do the import: