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Maryna PlashenkoNetHunt Team
NetHunt CRM Community Manager
Asked a question 2 months ago

What feature(s) should be added on NetHunt and why? What are your suggestions for us?

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Hi NetHunters

Thanks for the chance to put together some ideas on features I would like to see in NetHunt. 

Most important first.

Web page cookies - Chat bot


  • The ability to save templates in a structured way, so all Deal Templates are together, all prospect email templates are together, etc. (I understand this will happen shortly, thank you.)
  • Template designer in NetHunt’ (Like Stripo) Plus conditional text/imgaes, so if a contact likes the colour red, the images display red products.

Record Views

  • Ability to save a default view.
  • Able to vary the width of column displays
  • Add a column total value, per currency


Records may contain emails that are from other records.

If you select one these emails have an option ‘Go to Record’


Set up repeating tasks

Web page cookies

Track when your contacts visit your web page, how often , how long, which pages etc.


Scoring allows you to judge the interest of a contact over time, high scores are good, add a score for opening an email, add for clicking a link in an email, etc..


  • There are many more triggers that could be added as other features are added, like when some one opens a specific page on your website.
  • Start another automation

Thanks for your consideration, 

Adam Purser