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How to replace a manager in your team in NetHunt CRM

Some CRM users are afraid of losing all the data attached to a manager who’s leaving. But in NetHunt you don’t need to worry your data will just slip away together with your ex-coworker. Having found a worthy candidate for this position, you want to add them to your workspace and make sure you’ve reassigned all of the deals, all the companies, everything in the database to a newcomer or to you in case you don’t know who to reassign it to. 

Here is a short video guide on how to replace a manager in your team


How to collaborate with your team in NetHunt

If you are not a one-man operation, and you’ve got your team using NetHunt as well,  here is how you can collaborate with them effectively using our tool.



[How to Forecast Sales in NetHunt CRM]

While some sales managers still neglect sales forecasting, it’s a source of valuable insights and a compass of your future decisions. Let’s take a look at some sales prediction methods:

  1. Estimate the probability level of closing a deal seeing your prospect in a particular pipeline stage. Use this formula: Expected revenue = Deal amount x Probability
  2. Take a timeframe you need to forecast and assume your results will be equal to or greater than the previous ones.
  3. Take the average length of the sales cycle to predict the closing of upcoming deals.

Check out this video on how to calculate... (More)

🔥 How to use a formula field in NetHunt: automate commission and discount calculation🔥

On a daily and weekly basis every entrepreneur needs to carry out all kinds of calculations. Whether you’re paying commission to your sales reps, or calculating an amount of a customer’s transaction considering a discount. Every time you need to spend your priceless time on repetitive tasks… but not anymore! NetHunt knows how to automate these processes, focusing your attention on the most important.

Set up an automation in just a few steps.

Case #1. You’re a salesperson, you have a deal and all the related information. You want NetHunt CRM to automatically calculate your commission for a closed deal.... (More)