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 Feature Feedback
Feature Feedback

Join here to offer your suggestions for how NetHunt can improve. Provide your feedback on existing features.

Also feel free to thank our development team, our customer support, or share how a product is helping you now.

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First year with nethunt

I have just completed my first year using nethunt so thought id offer a little feedback.

I run a small trade/service business and use nethunt to maintain and update my customer records while out on the rd and book all my jobs/appointments.

Looking back i have had very few issues. Importing all my data and setting everything up was easy. Struggling to think of many negatives really.

I love the way nethunt is flexible enough to set up all my folders and fields just the way i like them.

I have found solutions to just about all my daily workflow... (More)


I have been using Pipedrive for 2 years now and have tried a few other CRM's here and there just to see if I could better manage my sales. The challenge has always been email integration like being able to easily add new ops, people and companies straight from the inbox as well as linking a specific email to a deal. I am currently trialing the Nethunt CRM Now and I am very impressed of the integrations with Gmail. The best I have tried! However, here are some of the features I would like to see in this CRM.

More... (More)

I would like to suggest to enhance the LinkedIn Platform / Integration:

1. LinkedIn & Sales Navigator Inbox sync in the Timeline of Nethunt. Similar to how email content is being synced. Treat them as email conversation & sync in Timeline. Then we don't have to refer many places for what we have discussed whether in Sales Navigator Inbox, LinkedIn Messaging or in Email - all sync as 1.

2. We are able to add contacts either in LinkedIn or Sales Navigator platform. For all sales leads, I usually use Sales Navigator. The ability to link all the leads saved... (More)

Hello @Ray ray56 1) this depend on the software you are using, you need to select the delimiter, here's an example from libre office 2) you can update existing records with information from a CSV file, please have a look at the guidelines here61.

Hello, I have 2 questions: 1) I need to upload data, that contains commas, but it is impossible, because delimiter must be comma. How to overcome that? And 2) I have uploaded csv with companies (id, name, address etc.), then I uploaded another csv with data with only two columns: same companies ids and email address. This data needs to be appended, but it not possible, because what ever I choose I get or duplicates or all first upload data is removed. I need to append extra column for the same companies. Thank you.