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Discuss all the topics related to B2B sales, lead generation, sales pipeline management, sales email marketing, sales automation.


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We’re launching Workflows — sales automation in Gmail!

Just when you thought our CRM couldn’t get more functional, we go and drop an automation bomb on you. Workflows is a brand new feature for NetHunt CRM, it automates those itty-bitty, easily-forgotten tasks throughout the working day, and it’s gone live… today!

“Workflows takes the hard work out of working hard.”

Workflows automates the most banal tasks in your working day, systematically carrying them out without making any mistakes...

  • Immediately capture webform leads and pop them straight into your CRM.
  • Set automatic, trigger-based drip campaigns to nurture leads.
  • Let an algorithm assign incoming leads to relevant team members.
  • Automatically... (More)

How to use LinkedIn for Sales

It’s no secret that LinkedIn is lead paradise. We’ve already told you. It’s social media for business professionals, with users reporting 45% more sales opportunities created, 51% reporting a higher likelihood of achieving their sales goals, and 80% reporting an improvement on their productivity. 

By the end of this video, you’re gonna know eight secret places to look for leads that your competitors aren’t looking, and you’re gonna have a CRM database crammed full of leads to get busy with.

How to create multiple sales pipelines in NetHunt CRM

Multiple pipelines get your sales teams even more organised, even more effective, and even more profitable. In NetHunt you can create as many pipelines as needed and here's how:

What is Google Workspace

Dear community, here is a new video on Google Workspace for you. By the end of the video, you will know what Google Workspace is and what's new.