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Hi @Ely Raeds98 !

You can do that. From the Company record you need to open all of your related Deals as a list by clicking on the "Show as a list" icon next to the related Deals field. From there - click on the Summarise icon at the top right corner and pick the fields to summarise/calculate average/min/max sums. And there you go :)

You can also see the sum for all the Companies in your Workspace by clicking on the Summarise icon at the top right corner of your pipeline. You create a card view by Company and... (More)

How to Get your Webhook URL

Many apps nowadays support webhooks. Simply put, a webhook is a URL used to get information from or to another system.

For example, suppose you are using third party software for your webforms. In that case, you can set up a webhook event in the Workflow to automate certain actions, such as creating a record in NetHunt after that webform is submitted. To get the webhook URL, follow these easy steps.

What are Helpers in Workflows by NetHunt CRM

When you need to automate a process in your CRM, you need to create a Workflow. 

Workflows consist of triggers, actions and helpers. We have already told you about triggers and actions. So what are the helpers? Please find a short tutorial below.


We’re launching Workflows — sales automation in Gmail!

Just when you thought our CRM couldn’t get more functional, we go and drop an automation bomb on you. Workflows is a brand new feature for NetHunt CRM, it automates those itty-bitty, easily-forgotten tasks throughout the working day, and it’s gone live… today!

“Workflows takes the hard work out of working hard.”

Workflows automates the most banal tasks in your working day, systematically carrying them out without making any mistakes...

  • Immediately capture webform leads and pop them straight into your CRM.
  • Set automatic, trigger-based drip campaigns to nurture leads.
  • Let an algorithm assign incoming leads to relevant team members.
  • Automatically... (More)