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@Simon Krismer81 Thanks for the question, our software never ceases to improve, recently we have been adding more features to the workflows such as for example updating on a submitted form or multiple choice in the forms. Is there any feature you are looking forward in particular?

Live webinar "New in NetHunt CRM: Smash your Sales Goals with Workflows"

Dear Community, join us on Feb 24, for a live webinar "New in NetHunt CRM: Smash your Sales Goals with Workflows" hosted by Anastasia Tatsenko and Mauricio Aguirre.

We'll discuss the sales, marketing, and businesses processes that can be automated with 'Workflows' by NetHunt.

Join us at the webinar to discover ...

  • How to immediately capture web form leads and pop them straight into your CRM.
  • How to nurture leads with scheduled drip campaigns.
  • How to automatically link email conversations to your client profiles.
  • How to use an algorithm to move a lead to the next stage in your sales... (More)

Workflows by NetHunt CRM is live on Product Hunt today!

Dear NetHunters,  our new sales automation feature, Workflows, is live on Product Hunt today! 

We'll appreciate your feedback and support!


We’re launching Workflows — sales automation in Gmail!

Just when you thought our CRM couldn’t get more functional, we go and drop an automation bomb on you. Workflows is a brand new feature for NetHunt CRM, it automates those itty-bitty, easily-forgotten tasks throughout the working day, and it’s gone live… today!

“Workflows takes the hard work out of working hard.”

Workflows automates the most banal tasks in your working day, systematically carrying them out without making any mistakes...

  • Immediately capture webform leads and pop them straight into your CRM.
  • Set automatic, trigger-based drip campaigns to nurture leads.
  • Let an algorithm assign incoming leads to relevant team members.
  • Automatically... (More)