I have been using Pipedrive for 2 years now and have tried a few other CRM's here and there just to see if I could better manage my sales. The challenge has always been email integration like being able to easily add new ops, people and companies straight from the inbox as well as linking a specific email to a deal.  I am currently trialing the Nethunt CRM Now and I am very impressed of the integrations with Gmail. The best I have tried! However, here are some of the features I would like to see in this CRM.

More Task management capabilities (Exactly like Pipedrive)

  • Pipedrive is very heavy on time management methods and it helps a lot with planning my week (Visits, quotes, cold calls, follow up, admin assignments, customer isues ect.) The ability to create a task or event in the calendar and being able to create a deal, person and companies straight from it is awesome and save me time. Plus the drag and drop feature even beats Google calendar.
  • I really feel that Pipedrive is lacking in inbox integrations department but is excellent in time management capabilities. 

The ability to review contact history so you can plan your visits, re-active customers, propects ect. 

  • Pipedrive allows you to easily look at last contact made by (Whatever parameter you want like, last visit, last call, last email, last task accomplished, as well as planned events). This is very useful info allowing you to plan you visits out for the week/month/quarter based on your goals. I am sure you can do the same in Nethunt, but the layout and view is just not the same. 

So far in my trial, I really enjoy the app and the website. Very powerful tool! Even though Pipedrive does not have the integrations that Nethunt CRM has, I most likely will stick with them as the calendar functionality and the planning functionality is too important to my job. 

Is there any plans in the future on the above suggestions?